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I like these.


Challenge me? You? Ha! by Civwub
by Civwub

In one sentence, this vector art is a masterpiece and one the best vector arts I have ever seen. You are definitely one skilled designe...


Dark End v.2 (Different Color Scheme) by Radiant--Eclipse
Dark End v.2 (Different Color Scheme)
I have recently been watching the finale of the Stitch! Anime, and I realized that at different points, for not actual reason since the lightening did not change, Dark has a slightly brighter and more pronounced color scheme. I like it, but I think it is a bit bright. Just uploadin it for reasons 
[Scene: Teacher Kathy is finishing her lecture about the correct way of snuggling with one's most favorite stuffed animal when the school bell rings. Everyone runs out, but Kathy stops Linda]

Kathy:  Linda. I must talk to you.
Linda: Oh – not again.
Kathy: Linda, I see your improvements thanks to Robert's fine work, but I don't think that it just isn't enough for you to pass.
Linda: But – but I did everything I could. I can't go from bottom to top in such a short time.
Kathy: I understand you, I understand that you really are giving your best to improve yourself. This is why I give you a chance to pass this year – by – let's say unrelated means.
Linda: Oh dear, there sure is a catch in it.
Kathy: As always.
Linda: I thought so.
Kathy: It is simple. Join the actor club and perform in the next play, and I will see what I can do to boost your grades.
Linda: Acting? I'm an athlete. That is like the polar opposite of acting. Besides, how would that benefit my grades in any way?
Kathy: Have you not studied the current chapter of our textbook, 'Don't question absurdities when they benefit you'?
Linda: Not – yet.
Kathy: See? Just get it over with, and it will save you one extra year of school.
Linda: [Suddenly in a Shakespeare-outfit] Deal!

[Scene: Inside the assembly hall, Linda is auditioning. She does say nothing but 'Ähm', but gets immediate praise]
Director: Bravo! This was one spectacular performance. Nerves made of steel, self-assured and beautiful. We have our female protagonist!
Linda: Ääähm....
Director: Okay. That was just showing-off. Next!

[Linda exits behind the curtain and gazes at Robert]
Linda: That was – bizarre.
Robert: At least you easily got a role. That will get you through this year.
Linda: Sure, but it's still going to be a great deal of annoyance.
Robert: Don't worry. I am sure that I will be chosen to be the star role. I will share the problem with you. You'll see. Everything will be just fine.
Linda: Sure, my hero.

[Robert enters the stage, but even though only the staff and the director is there, he is overcome by intense stage-right]
Director: Wow – this is just pitiful. No offense, but a scaredy-cat like you is nothing for Hollywood.
Robert: Hollywood? But this is just Summerwa-
Director: Keep silent! Here, now behold a real hero.
[Craig, a very handsome and quite athletic guy is shown]
See? This is a valiant warrior. Not a wimp like you. But maybe – I actually could need a defiant sniveler like you.
[A monster costume (looking somewhat like Stitch) is frown at Robert, while Craig laughs at him]
Director: Here. You can play snarf. This way, it doesn't really matter if you can't act due to your cowardice. He is a pushover anyway. Next!
[Robert nods plaintively and leaves the stage]

Linda: Hey. You know, you don't have to do this.
[Robert smiles weakly]
Robert: Don't worry. No matter what role I play, I'll be there for you.

[Scene: In the Gym, where every group trains their performance. It is the dress rehearsal, and everyone is giving their A-game. Robert is alone, due to his role being 'unique', and learns his incredibly short script. Though actually, he observes Craig performing with Linda, especially their romantic scene, and Robert gets eaten away by jealousy.]

Robert: No. This is just a play. Linda would never love someone else.
???: Oh – are you sure?
Robert: Who is that?
[The scene gets slightly darker, and the costume becomes manifested as an actual small, cute creature. Robert is visibly frightened.]
Monster: Don't be afraid. I am just a product of your imagination. And I am here to help you.
Robert: Is this reality? Am I getting insane?
Monster: Insane or not insane, that is not the question. The question is if you wish to keep Linda as your special someone.
Robert: She is my wife! She would never do this    -     would she?
Monster: Do you want to risk it?
Robert: No! Of course not. But – I'm you know – a coward.
[Monster grabs his collar]
Monster: No time for crying! We must get the cant out of you, like a hand the last chip out of a tubular packing. And you will now shut up and listen to me. Got it? GOT IT?!
[Robert nods and the Monster lets go off him]
Monster: We will show them all. We will show their friends and family, even their grandparents in the home for the elderly. Nobody will stop your rise to glory that will forever eradicate their pitifulness out of history. NOW GO AND SHOW THEM!

[Robert, with much confidence, attempts to impress them by acting the role of the hero, but quickly realizes he does not know the text. He tries to improvise by attempting to tell a joke]
Robert: Knock knock. Who is there? Aiden. Aiden who? Aiden know. I've got amnesia.
[Ultimately, he makes a mockery of himself and leaves the stage in shame. Linda looks confused, but Craig, who actually seems to have a crush on Linda, wants them to continue practicing. In private once again, the monster sees Robert shed a tear, and it itself breaks out in tears.]

Monster: I can't see her anymore! She was so fair and beautiful. But now, I have tears in my eyes, and I can only see the endless ocean of tears! Their cold disdain are streaming like waves down my cheeks, on and on. WHY DO I STILL NOT KNOW HOW TO SURF!?
[Robert calms down to this monsters randomness, but also gets more frustrated and enraged]
Robert: What are you even babbling about?!
Monster: [stops crying] I have no idea, neither have you. But we will never forget our tears. How we were consumed by black despair, but found strength to overcome it! What a beautiful symphony of emotions... And in the end, you became so much more fantastic! My little diva of sentimentality. Now use that power to face Craig and forever get rid off him! -
[Robert gazes at the monster, utterly terrified]
Monster: - just metaphorically speaking.
Director: Okay! That is it! Enjoy your break and don't come to late this evening. We will have to present the play of the century. We have trained for weeks, so let us do this!
Unknown Actor: But sir, this was the only time we ever pract-
Director: I said LET US DO THIS!

[Scene: Robert is alone with Craig in the hallway. Robert attempts to confront Craig, but he hesitates.]

Monster: What are you waiting for? Show him your magnificence!
Robert: I don't know. I mean – he is maybe just in it to act and not to flirt with Linda...
Monster: Hold your head up, before he begins to stamp it down! You will act – you will act now – or you will be his victim - FOR ALL ETERNITY!
[Angered, Robert finds the courage to approach Craig and threatens him. Robert's voice seems slightly mixed with that of the monsters]
Robert: I warn you. Keep your hands off Linda.
Craig: Calm down, pal. It is just a play. Besides, if she chooses to flirt with me, then it is not my fault.
[Robert's heart breaks and he almost succumbs to grief, while Craig smirks balefully]
Robert: W-w-what...?
Craig: Don't look blue, I am just messing with you. Just play your puny part in our play and you will see that everything will turn out – just fine.
[Craig leaves the almost broken Robert, who is close to shed tears once again. The Monster climbs on his shoulder and hugs his head tightly, almost seducing him]
Monster: [whispers] Don't worry. I will always be there for you. Trust me and we will show this twit what you are made of.

[Scene: The assembly hall is filled, Timmy and Sally are there too, cheering for Linda as she plays her role quite decently. So does Craig and the villain of the play, and Robert is preparing for his performance]

Robert: I am not sure if I can do this.
Monster: How do you wish to break his feeling of self-worth, if you don't have one?! Now get out and take his fame!
[Robert smiles viciously and enters the stage. He earns laughter, but he intends to perform his role anyway. However, he gets interrupted by Craig who just skips him, pushing him aside. Craig attempts to battle the villain, but Robert snaps and now displayed solely as the monster, he attacks the villain and chases him off. The monster then turns to Craig. Linda is shocked over the entire event]
Robert: Hey pantywaist! The lord of justice and vengeance has something to tell you. Over are the days of your pathetic bravery! I am the warrior from the shadows, from the final act of this threepart nonsense-play. And I will be crowned best supporting actor!
[Robert's 'acting' seems so convincing that Craig is actually shaking in fear. The audience though perceives it as just an amazing finale for this act. Timmy and Sally are proud of Robert]
Craig: W-what... no... I am the brave hero, and you... you are just a monster.
Robert: If you are so brave, then look into my eyes while I scream at your soul! You can talk my ear off as long as you want, but you and the rest will never waste me nor my talent away! My stomach may be empty, but my mind is full of waffles!
Craig: But... b-b-b-but...
Robert: But But! I will devour all stardom. I am the hero of all villains! You can't chew on my heroic epic like on tough meat! I will crush you and win the world record for biggest humiliation of all time!
[Robert, the monster, strikes Craig with his claws. Linda shelters Craig, and the director, as well as the masses are into the spectacle]
Linda:  Are you out of your mind? What do you think you are doing?
Robert: Oh I know what I am doing, and what you are doing. You ripped my heart of my chest, to show this milksop your devotion to him. Never will I forget the pain that you decided to inflict upon me, but know this, you will feel the same way I did!
[Linda is drenched in tears and can only speak silently]
Linda: I am your wife, in good and hard times. We swore our love. How could you even consider I would ever stop loving you.
[Robert suddenly realizes the error of his ways and the monster fades. He can do nothing, but stand there in silence, but he is suddenly interrupted by the monster that is standing behind him, Robert quickly takes Craig's costume, who runs off half-naked in shame.]
Robert: You made me do this. You fueled my anger and made me reduce my one and true love to tears. You told me you would help me, but the only thing you did is making me behave like a baboon!
Monster: Shall her tears scrub my fur clean. And never ever flash a sassy eye at the one guiding your life to splendor!
Robert: This is what you call guidance? You are completely insane. You act completely irrational  based solely on emotions, not facts!
Monster: Facts feed fanatic fallacies forever, fanatics forever feed fallacious facts!
[It is revealed that Robert is speedily changing costumes all the time, basically playing all by himself. The crowd is impressed by this talented display.]
Robert: You have become nothing, but a monster!
Monster: [giggles] I know what we have become. I am your innermost self. I taste the pain and smell the sorrow, AND I WANT MORE! I want to bath in your anguish. I want to feed on your angst. I want to live inside you in a castle of solitude and tear it to pieces with a strike against your self-esteem!
Robert: Not if I hinder you from doing so!
Monster: [giggles] There is no you, there is no I. There is only an endless ocean of pain. A 24 hours plain folly that is us. We drink our sorrow and consume our wrath and breathe out the hate, because WE ARE A MONSTER, now- AND FOREVER!
[Robert and the Monster attack each other, but Robert vanquishes it, ending both the play and his ordeal. The audience applauds him, while he embraces Linda an apologizes. Craig with pants on now tries to steel the show and flirt with Linda and in high dudgeon, she pushes him inside, which causes him to loose his pants and reveal his behind to the audience.]
Robert: Well, I told you I would break the record for biggest humiliation. Though I must thank my wife who made it possible.
Craig: Wife?!
[Filled with shame, Craig runs away and the scene ends]

[Epilogue: Linda and Robert enjoy a romantic, peaceful night together, enjoying their togetherness and love.]
Robert: I will always love you and always be there for you.
Linda: So will I.
[The scenes fades to the monster gently cuddling to his female counterpart. It also, representing Robert's psyche, has overcome his delusional behaviour since Robert did so, and enjoys an equally lovely time with its female counterpart.]
Growing Around: The Beast Released
I know this is not one of the five episodes, but I really had an idea that was in my opinion just too good to ignore. So here you have it, my fan-made episode. About 2100 words.
Please leave the common feedback behind, just like on MrEnters episodes. And Please MrEnter, give it a try. I think I have what you need for the more emotional episodes.

Please rate:
Growing Around Titel Card - Pilot Episode by Radiant--Eclipse
Growing Around Titel Card - Pilot Episode
The Titel Card for MrEnter own cartoon show "Growing Around". This is for the Pilot Episode, which currently has no name. As always, it is in Beta and it still needs coloring tweaks, but is ready to be presented. 
Wish me luck in becoming a Title Card Artist and maybe even more for MrEnter's Show : 3
(Available in 1080p, 4K and any other desired format : 3)
Growing Aroud Titel Card - Blame It On The Sprain by Radiant--Eclipse
Growing Aroud Titel Card - Blame It On The Sprain
The Titel Card for MrEnter own cartoon show "Growing Around". This is for Episode 4 "Blame it on The Sprain". It still needs a few coloring tweaks, but is ready to be presented. 
Wish me luck in becoming a Title Card Artist and maybe even more for MrEnter's Show : 3
(Available in 1080p, 4K and any other desired format : 3 )

Hello few, but fellow watchers.

In the last month, many things have changed in my life, which is the reason why so few pictures have been uploaded here. The fact is, I did them, but did not upload them.

Since A few months, I am working for the new Ask Me Blog Bronytown. It's very cool, has many artists in it and is always funny. Many pictures are of me, but I am not the only one. I will also upload them here, day by day, so you can check out the blog :3

Trust me; even though not artistically the best, it is funny as heck, yet also emotional at parts :3

(We are also searching for artists, and even though we are a German team, we post in english and can communicate in english, like I am doing right now)

The second thing is, I am currently in a beautiful realationship with my beloved Markus. Yes, it is the name of a stallion. Angel left for Richy, my "brother", but don't worry, we are still some sort of a family, and I am very happiy with Markus. I am bisexual, and I hope you don't have a problem with that. He is the pony I have always been looking for. Caring, loving, and most of all, cuddly :3

The third thing is probably the most relevant one here. I am working for a game developer. It's true. I am part of Project Perfect Galaxy, A Sci-fi MMO, and trust me, it is a ginormous thing. It's basically the X-series, combined with all the other MMOs, on steorids. There probably won't be a release in this decade, since we are still a small team, but we have an expert programmer (He is asian :3 ), already well credited storywrite, and of course me and some others as concept artists, though I will learn how to use 3D art programms, too.

Mid 2014, we'll start kickstarter and such, and hope we can impress you with all the things we have. We have no time limit, so we can include everything we want without overworking ourselves.

So basically, with just the age of 17, I am fulfilling one of my dreams in life. There is still so much to learn, to much to experience...

I am happy with my life. I really am. And I want to thank you. Without your favorites and watching me, and so many thankful and lovely requests, I would have never had the motivation to continue. I would have never joined the Blog and with that, never learned the person who wanted me to join their team.

Thank you all so much, and I hope that, even with not so much, I can still entertain you with my pony art :3

Huggles everypony tightly*

Have great hollidays and great lifes. See ya :3


Radiant--Eclipse has started a donation pool!
2,687 / 4,800
Hello my fellow watchers and other people, too.
I will still save and ask for premium memberships I yet have to buy.
I am just asking you and not demanding anything: and I can't give quite anything for those who donate something. I will do Art and Requests.
BUT don't get me wrong here. You do not have to pay for Requests :D .
So, feel free to donate or not.

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Sven Rehbronn
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art



Hey guys.
I'm the *RayLionheart* (Probably know me from Call of Duty, Battlefield or crappy free to play MMO's) aka. Radiant Eclipse (on every pony related website I singed on) aka. Ray (My Nickname; freaking use it already) aka. Sven (Reallife which I don't really have nor like…… yay…..).
Born in Germany, live in Germany, live in NRW, Leverkusen; no one gives a sh*t, not even I do.
I’m that typical boring, nice, friendly, talented, kindhearted blablabla… no I’m not. Don’t piss me off and we will have a good time, that’s all.
I’m very new in the pony fandom and I love it. I just learned some time ago how to make vector arts and sh*t and I just freaking love it. This is the style I very searched for all the time.
Just to sum it up quickly, *Friendship is Magic* is total awesome, genius, fantastic, overwhelming blabliblabliwubbidiwubbidibibbedibabbedibluu….
I’m honest. I don’t give a single f*ck about what you may think about the show, the characters or your attempts to troll me, or make me buy merchandise. The show is great and that’s all I’ve got to say about it; a cool flashback to the time where cartoons were still good. (OH GOD! WHY DISNEY?!)
I’m making vector arts and sh*t and maybe I’ll find a way to do other kind of arts as well and so.

So! You have a REQUEST?
-Be nice, friendly, patient and saucy free and I will do it.
-Be rude, unfriendly, inpatient and just the slightest pinch saucy and I won’t.
No matter what happens, I will not work 24/7 on a request. I will take my time and will probably take a weak or even more. And you have to be detailed. Only if you tell what exactly you want, I can do it. If you just tell me, make for example a blue colt, I won’t do it. You have to tell me how every major aspect is supposed to look like, or you just send me a picture as a description. And you freaking have to tell me what the Cutie Mark is supposed to be. Got it?

So, you just probably got some kind of an aggressive picture of me, but it’s not true. Actually, I am very friendly and kindhearted. You can have a good conversation with me and so. I just wanted to make everything clear, though it sounds harsh and I know it. Gotta live with I guess.
I will do as much as I can to make the one who requested me happy. I really stand to my word.
So Thanks for favs, comments, critiques, watches and… and… and …and….


Also see my Fanfiction "THE ECLIPSE"… .

Current Residence: Leverkusen
Favourite genre of music: Metal; Hardrock
Favourite style of art: Realistic
Favourite cartoon character: Stitch; Leroy; Tails; Kat
Personal Quote: I just want to share my dreams!

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