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November 10, 2012
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My Dream Episode in Season 3 [ Contest #1 Place ] by Radiant--Eclipse My Dream Episode in Season 3 [ Contest #1 Place ] by Radiant--Eclipse
!!!! I WON !!!!

This is my Contest Entry for the Fim-Pics :fim-pics: Second Great and Powerful Contest.
This "Cover" tells quite the story of an episode (Two/Three - piece) I thought about Season 3.

Episode 1:
It begins with Chrysalis searching for assistance to ultimately conquer Equestria. She finds out about a being who tormented the ponies once and regards it as a perfect partner. The Changelings assault Canterlot to detract from Chrysalis freeing Discord with her very powerful Magic. The mane6 arrive, but just a bit too late.

Episode 2:
The Changelings retreat to her queen and the guardian, along with the princesses follow them. The Mane6 try to use the Elements of Harmony, but now knowing what threat they are, Discord teleports everyone of them away. But they heroes are not aware of that Discord and Chrysalis are actually still in the castle and in the right moment, they ambush the mane6 and use dark chaos magic to destroy their friendship forever.
But things are not as they were intended. From total disharmony, the mane6 Darkness arrise. They desire both chaos and power and become the elite of Discords and Chrysalis's military.
They manage to conquer the land and the heroes and the princesses have to retreat.

Episode 3:
Certain events have the mane6 battle their Darkness. It ends with a draw, so the princesses interfered and battled Chrysalis and Discord.
Seeing the princesses still fight though hope seems futile gives the heroes new will and they defeat their Darkness.
But seeing them cry shortly before they were destroyed makes the heroes let them be. They claim to be beings with a soul and emotions.
Both sides realizie that Harmony and Disharmony shouldn't be something to battle each other but to live together.
The darkness fuse with their original and they become whole again.
Regaining their power, they conquer Equestria back and in a final act of exasperation, both enemies take flight.
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This impressive entry depicts a pretty ambitious dream episode for season 3. A three-part special. In fact, being presented in a movie poster format, the plotline, along with the duration of it, might make this fit for a movie instead for the series. First off, let's analyze the picture.

At the left side there is a discorded ponyville background, along with a semi-transparent Celestia, who looks severely distressed. At the right there is a night Canterlot landscape with a swarm of changelings on the sky, with Luna fiercely looking up and taking a battle stance.

Discord and Chrysalis on the top represent the main antagonists. They are on the top and behind the MLP logo because they are dominant in this situation and seemingly control everything, even the series itself. This detail, adding up the antagonists' poses, give a strong impression of control and supremacy. At the center are the mane six, the main protagonists, with the jewels representing the elements of harmony put on. But is at this point where problems begin to arise.

Twilight Sparkle has a windy mane and a fierce expression, looking at the viewer. Fluttershy is looking up at Canterlot looking worried, perhaps after her animal friends. Pinkie Pie goes at her own tempo and is looking happily at Fluttershy. But then, Rarity is looking at Canterlot with a pleased expression on her face, Rainbow Dash is looking at the viewer, and Applejack is looking at a large, black area.

In fact, this black area is formed due to the element distribution: the main elements of the upper part of the poster are composed in a inverted triangular fashion, with the vertexes on Celestia, Luna and Applejack. This leaves a lot of black that gives visual weight to the upper part, and giving the lower part the feeling of being part of another picture. This is further amplified by the contrast of colorful and predominantly black of the upper and lower sides of the image, respectively. One way the issue could have been corrected is by stretching the backgrounds a bit more. Evidently, the backgrounds are recycled: you can see fireworks in the Canterlot sky.

At the lower part, below the title, are the discorded mane six with glowing eyes. About the plot: It sounds pretty promising, the episodes are about kingdom domination and have a lot of battles. There are different tastes and the plot may be of the liking of some people, and not for some other. But it reminds me a bit of the first Pokemon movie.
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